About Us

Unique Moving Solutions was founded with the objective of catering to the moving and shipping needs of our customers. We aim to eliminate all the stress which is typically associated with moving so that you can enjoy a complete peace of mind. We offer a one stop shop for high quality products and wholesale rates unmatched in the industry.

Some of our key services include the following:

Irrespective of what you need to move or ship we have a customized solution at Unique Moving Solutions. Moving and shifting can especially be difficult for working individuals or those who have a hectic daily routine to take care of. You don't want to come home tired after work and think about what and how to pack because you're moving soon. Well this is exactly why we are here, we'll have all your packing and transportation needs taken care of.

How it works

At Unique Moving Solutions we have a network of professional packers, carriers, insurance agents and specialists across the United States. These skilled and experienced teams can visit your residence (or other retail/commercial space) and pack all the goods in a systematic way ensuring the safety of all goods being shipped or to save on cost we can have any moving supply you need shipped to your residence. How convenient! At Unique Moving Solutions we cater to all clients. If you have everything packed and ready to be transported, when the moving company is at your doorstep, you don't need to worry about any additional fees for packing.

Unique Moving Solutions is a premier "long distance moving boutique", so you can rely on quality products and unsurpassed service at competitive rates. We have agents working all across the U.S. This enables us to make packing and moving easy for thousands of customers.

It is our objective to be the preferred choice among individuals, families, as well as businesses throughout the United States. We pride ourselves with our dependable network which includes professional packers and experienced vehicle operators. Let us do the vetting for you! Our Operators work hard each day delivering their best to the clients of Unique Moving Solutions.

Each client that we service has a unique packing and moving requirement. We pay a lot of attention to our customers needs so that we can deliver the best possible customized solution!